Christmas Gift Guide: boho girls

Warm wool ponchos, feathers, gaucho hats, ethnic prints … our ‘Chirstmas Gift Guide’ today is dedicated to bohemian girls. Very inspired in the White island. We invite you to discover the best proposals from Ibiza shops.

Inspiration: Sienna Miller. British actress, who recently became a mother for the first time, is the definitive boho chic icon. We love her outfit: skinny jeans, Ugg boots and a huge wool fringed shawl.

Apache. Yerse Sweater with ethnic-inspired drawings. 133,50 euros. T&C.

Gaucho style. Set of boots and hat, both from Diesel.184 euros and 30.90 euros. The wool scarf is from SOS and costs EUR 37.50.

Colorful. Diesel handbag. 59,90 euros. T&C

Sioux. Feathers earrings. 30 euros. Queens of Joy. Santa Eulària.

Stars. Keychains with star or heart and fringes Gypsetters. From 24.95 to 31 euros. Queens of Joy, Santa Eulària.

Sexy red. Knit dress from IX-CHEL Ibiza. 249 euros. Queens of Joy. Santa Eulària.

Camperas. Mexicanas boots, aged leather. 369 euros. Reina&Roses.

Tacks. Snakeskin bag with studs. Also available in light blue. 229 euros. Reina&Roses.

Pure wool. Handmade knitted cushion. 68 euros. Öink Ibiza.

Magic stones. Opal and stone age earrings from Mathilde Danglade. 175 euros. Öink Ibiza.

Cool winter. Wool hats with flowers and ribbons detail. From 15 euros. La Marimorena.

Fly fly… Butterflies-magnet, available in different sizes and colors. From 1 to 4 euros. La Marimorena.

Boxes. Brass silver boxes, available in different sizes. From 15 to 90 euros. Almacenes Aragón.

Moroccan. Dishes in golden brass. From 14.75 to 28 euros. Almacenes Aragón.

Warml light. Wooden table light. 33 euros. Octopus Shop.

Flags. Necklace of colored flags and pom pom. 38,5o euros. Octopus Shop.

Warm. Violet scarf and hat. 20euros. OUI C MOI.

Skulls. Oversize sweater. OUI C MOI. 20 euros.


Almacenes Aragón

Calle Aragón, 6. Ibiza.

La Marimorena

Calle Vicente Cuervo, 8. Ibiza

Octopus shop

Calle Sant Llorenç. Santa Eulària des Riu. facebook/ Octopus Shop Ibiza

Öink Ibiza

Vara de Rey,   Ibiza.


Calle Médico Antoni Serra, 1. Ibiza.

Calle del Progreso, 10. San Antonio.  facebook/ Oui C Moi

T&C Ibiza

Calle Abad i Lasierra. Ibiza. facebook/T & C

Queens of Joy

Calle Mariano Riquer, Santa Eulària. facebook/ Queens of Joy Fashion Ibiza


Ibiza store is closed during winter, but you can buy on-line at

by Julia Fioravanti y Judit Carcasona