Adlib 2013: Tres Ibiza

José Prats is the designer and owner of Tres Ibiza, a real Adlib store located in the charming neighborhood of la Marina, in the port of Ibiza. Here you will find designs for men and women inspired by the atmosphere of the island. Comfortable designs in cotton and natural fabrics with a touch of glamor. Today we interview Tres Ibiza designer the day before he is presenting his creations at Adlib Fashion Show 2013.

Jose Prats, designer at Tres Ibiza.

What can you tell us about your beginnings in the world of fashion? I studied Fine Arts, so I am autodidact in designing clothes. In 1988 I opened the first store in la Marina. In my beginnings I used to work leather art, but later I evolved to party dresses and, then, to Adlib style.

How would you define your style? I design clothes for men and women who want to feel comfortable with a touch of glamor. In my creations I am always looking for simplicity. I love handmade embroidery and sequins.

Your shop is located in the heart of la Marina-Port of Ibiza. A trendy and charming neighborhood that seems to be in trouble.  I do not know what will happen in the future, but I think that things are going wrong. For example, when all these franchises opened its doors in Bartomeu Rosselló… Why not put these business -witch attract lots of people- in the port of Ibiza? I believe that institutions should do something with the port, it is dying slowly. An today there are also lots of stores everywhere in the island, so I am afraid that is it too much.

What could you tell us about the designs that we will see tomorrow on the catwalk? It will be a surprise! All I can say by now is that they are very inspired in Ibiza, as our island is a great source of inspiration. Everything around us is wonderful.

How do you see the present and the future of Adlib? I think we should move forward and expand internationally. It is true that part of the production can be done in other countries and also exported. Tres Ibiza is sold in several European countries. In the past it was such a  boom, but now things have calmed down a bit.

Jose’s Ibiza

A beach: S’Estanyol.
A restaurant: Yemanja.
A sunset in: Cap des Falco.
Shopping at: La Marina.
Going out: In my neighborhood, the Marina. I like The Rock.

See below some designs by Tres Ibiza: 

Tres Ibiza

Calle del Mar, 35. Puerto de Ibiza.

por Judit Carcasona