Adlib 2013: Tony Bonet

Transgressive, radical, different … He is Tony Bonet, a fashion designer whose creations are not forr boring people. Born in Ibiza, Bonet studied at  School of Arts and Crafts. Very soon he showed his talent spread the world: In 2001 he won the First Prize Art Jove of Balearic Islands and the Second Price at Young Designers of Spain contest. He started his career working for Bianca, who was a great teacher for him. She was “tremendously generous”, the designer says. After the death of Bianca, 3 years ago, and the subsequent disappearance of the brand, Tony Bonet created his own label. Today we invite you to discover a designer who is able to mix Adlib with the influence of Marilyn Manson. Let’s rock!

Tony Bonet at his workshop in Ibiza town.

Your beginnings were in Bianca, who gave you your first big opportunity. Tell us about her. Bianca has done a lot for me. Few designers give the opportunity to open the door to another designers. One day, she told me: “From now on, you are going to be the image of Bianca”. I will always be grateful. She was a great woman.

How would you define your style? It is not easy!  I think I have a very personal style. Following Adlib premises -I mean the typical white dress-  I like to mix the classicism of the origins with new trends and with the style of urban tribes. We’re not hippies anymore, we’re not flower power… now we are more radical, we have another important influences. For me, for example, the music is very important when I am creating. I like to mix the classic with the very transgressive. I think it’s a new Adlib, with a breaker spirit.

If you had to put music to your latest collection, what song would you choose? Well, it’s complicated, because I listen from Marilyn Manson to Lola Flores, I love the opposite! Although my last collection I think is more like a ballad of Marilyn Manson. I  wanted to rock it! I like the classics, but now I feel like doing something with corses, tied, because I understand that all freedom has also some knots that bind us.

What kind of bridals wear designs by Tony Bonet? Girls with style. I’ve done more classic things, it is true, but I like  the bride being involved greatly in design and personalize it. I made black wedding dresses, for example. In addition, I never do the same dress two times, because I believe that every bride has her style. I am also using colored backgrounds: a white base Adlib and fuchsia background, for example. It allows you to show better the fine lace work. I like to show the pattern, the design.

After 40 years of history, Adlib is still fashionable. What explains this phenomenon? For the personality of the designers from Ibiza and because we are open to many ideas and many influences. We are a small town but very cosmopolitan. We have lot of freedom in all senses.

Which way should take Adlib in the future? It’s complicated, and more now than China has just patented our brand! What it is clear for me is where we should not go. We do not have to go to the masses, to low cost fashion. I think that we have to be  more exclusive. That is our strength. It is true that all of us have been launching cheaper collections, but in the end what really works are the most exclusive models. Our own personality.

Tony Bonet’s Ibiza

A beach: es Xarcu.
A restaurant: I like El Rincón del Puerto.
A sunset: From Dalt Vila.
For shopping: I kick like the old Ibiza, stroll through the Marina.
Going out: I like to enjoy a drink in Can Teixidó in Buscastell.

See below designs by Tony Bonet. The necklaces worn by the models are designed by Elisa Pomar.

Find Tony Bonet collection at Mabima, in the port of Ibiza, or contact with the designer for a personalized model:

by Judit Carcasona and Julia Fioravanti