Adlib 2013: Ruben Perlotti

Ruben Perlotti  wedding dresses are made of the material from which dreams are woven. Silk, organza, origami, satin … beautiful raw materials which become exotic designs (Chryselephantine collection), lovely dresses vintage inspired (Deco collection) or that take us to the magical world of fairies (Elements collection).

The designer is currently celebrating the 25th anniversary of the birth of his brand. More than two decades devoted to dressing brides and creating spectacular designs for women who do not want to go unnoticed. This month you can visit an exhibition at the Club Diario de Ibiza. Perlotti, a regular at the Cibeles Fashion Show, is one of our most internationally creators. On June 6 we will see their designs on the Adlib Fashion Show 2013.

Ruben Perlotti is participating in Adlib 2013.

This month you are celebrating 25 years in the fashion world with an exhibition at the Club Diario de Ibiza. Congratulations! If you had to stay with a single memory of all this time … which would you choose? Undoubtedly I would choose the first fashion show, launching the brand 25 years ago. The excitement, adrenaline, energy and the great love that we put into this event made it so special for all of us.

Ruben Perlotti has become one of the favorite brand of the brides who marry in Ibiza. How it shows the influence of the island in your creations? Ruben Perlotti brand carries a strong seal of the island in his designs. Almost all collections have been conceived in Ibiza, so the influence on each design is absolutely undeniable.

The organization of weddings in Ibiza is experiencing a real boom in recent years. Does this phenomenon is still beneficial for the designers of the island?  Actually there is no real influence on the textile industry of the island, since most weddings are organized from outside. Anyway, for the people who get married in Ibiza is very important to contact firms who work here, so it is also good for us.

What can you tell us about the designs that you will present at Adlib 2013? This year we are going to feature Spazio party dresses by Ruben Perlotti, natural silk robes in pink, emerald, electric blue and vermilion.

In a future, what way should Adlib fashion take? We should go towards the internationalization of the brand Adlib Ibiza.


Ruben’s Ibiza

A beach: es Cavallet
A restaurant: The breakwater on the beach, and Bon Profit, in Plaza del Parque.
A sunset:  Es Vedra
Shopping at: cool neighborhood of La Marina, Ibiza.
Going out: Soap

See below party dresses and wedding dresses by Ruben Perlotti. 


Ruben Perlotti

byJudit Carcasona