Adlib 2013: Piluca Bayarri

Piluca Bayarri is one of the most international designers of Adlib fashion. After 28 years of career, her brand has become the favorite of celebrities such as Norma Duval, Carmen Lomana, Ana Obregon  or Elisabeth Reyes. Last summer, top model Naomi Campbell  felt in love with her designs.

The creator presents two collections: White Island, with lots of natural cottons, lace, white and pastel tones; and Beach Wear, bikinis and accessories with colorful patterns and Swarovski crystals. Today Ibiza Trendy interviews Piluca Bayarri. 

Piluca Payarri in her shop in Marina Botafoch.

Can you remember how was your first design? My first designs were done on the beach. I always tell the story that I began designing a thong. And it happened 28 years ago!  I remember it was a thong with lace and made of natural fabrics, wich have been a constant in my career.

Have you been a self-taught designer? Yes, absolutely, even after years of designing I decided to study. When I realized that I liked all related to fashion I became interested in tecnics to handle the tissues, to give more elasticity to fabrics, machinery … I have also been very lucky because I have been working with very good professionals. But fashion, designing, was something that was born inside me. The more technical training came later.

During your 28 years of career, what has been the most important development that you have seen in Adlib fashion? More than an evolution, what I see is that we are back in time. Fashion is a continuous return. The models I designed some time ago are today very popular, thanks to new fabrics and most advanced machinery, that allows you to do it much better. What I mean is that the designs survive the past of time, but we are getting  higher quality.

Piluca Bayarri is sold in many countries all over the world. How did you do  expand internationally?  First of all you have to get a good position and then decide how far you can go. I prefer to be in international fairs such as Paris and Milan, which are the best in Europe. They provide a showcase for customers from all the world. Right now I’m trying to sell spring/ summer fashion collections all year, so I believe that Miami is the place to go. Next July I’ll be at Miami Fair Swimshow. I think that it will be a great experience.

Last year, for the first time in your career, you opened our own shop, located in Marina Botafoch. How was the experience? Very positive. After 27 years in fashion I could connect directly with the public. There were people who warned me about the risk to move away from the design, but it has been the opposite. Seeing my models in different types of women makes me realize that not all women have the same body. It makes me think in these women when I am creating, it is very inspiring.  So I can say that my clients are helping me a lot. It is also very gratifying that someone comes along and says: “I’ve just found the dress of my dreams.”

What is the best-selling in store? The lace bikinis are a bomb. They are very romantic and soft and are having a great success this season.

How do you see the future of Adlib fashion? The Adlib fashion will have a future while designers continue betting on the essence of nature, of organic tissues. I really like to mix something exotic with a white cotton. Overall, I think that Adlib has a good future.

Piluca’s Ibiza

A beach: Ses Salines.
A restaurant: La Brasa.
A sunset:in Formentera.
Shopping at: Marina Botafoch
Going out: Normally we go to Cipriani and then have some drinks in Talamanca.

See below Piluca Bayarri designs: 

Piluca Bayarri

Marina Botafoch. Ibiza.

by Judit Carcasona