Adlib 2013: Morocha Ibiza

Morocha Ibiza is a brand that was born in the late 90s inspired by Adlib fashion. The costumes of the peasant women working in the field, simple but elegant, were the inspiration for the designer Marta Raffo. “In some cases they were using seven petticoats with lace, handmade clothes with high artistic value”, says the designer. Inspired by these costumes, Marta Raffo made her first collection “Spirit of 70s”, which debuted at Adlib Fashion Show in 1996. Morocha Ibiza is a regular at fashion fairs and in 2001 opened  a showrrom in Rome.

Marta Raffo, designer at Morocha Ibiza, in the center of the image,  wearing a white dress.

For those readers who do not know you, tell us a little about yourself, about your beginnings in the fashion business. I have a degree in Fine Arts, so I have always loved to create. When I arrived to the island I felt in love with the landscapes, the architecture, the people and above all, the freedom that you could breathe everywhere. It was in 1976. Then I used to paint, inspired by the island beauty. In 1996 I designed my first fashion collection and I was for first time at Adlib fashion show. And I have been dedicated to the fashion till today.

What kind of women wears your designs?  A woman with a free spirit, cosmopolitan, sexy, chic and who loves to dress differently and also reflects the beauty through fashion.

What are you featuring this year at Adlib Fashion Show? I will present a very bohemian collection with romantic inspiration, inspired by Adlib style. I am using a mix of textures and white color.

Adlib fashion has evolved a lot since its beginnings. How do you see the future?  Adlib fashion essence remains alive, but evolves while the times are changing. Our fashion is known worldwide, that means that we have a very prosperous future.

Where can we find your collection? The largest collection of  Morocha Ibiza by Marta Raffo can be purchased in Ibiblue Ibiza boutique, located in the port of Ibiza. We also have points of sale in the Peninsula, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Miami, Buenos Aires, Punta del Este (Uruguay), Saint Barth, Dubai and other countries.

Marta’s Ibiza

A beach somewhere in Salinas countries.
A restaurant: The Breakwater, in is Cavallet.
A place for shopping. In Ibiza I go shopping in La Marina.
A place for a drink: the terrace of KM5.
A sunset: Es Vedra.

See below some Morocha designs:

Morcha Ibiza by Marta Raffo.

Ibiblue Ibiza. Calle Bisbe Cardona. Puerto de Ibiza.  

by Julia Fioravanti and Judit Carcasona