Adlib 2013: Isabel Castellar

The designer Isabel Castellar was born in Ibiza but her parents are from Andalusia, so she is a mix of cultures and influences. The fashion was always part of her life since childhood. “I always remember the dining room filled with bags of clothes … my mother always devoted to making sweaters, dresses and all kind of knitted clothes”, says the designer. Isabel inherited her mother’s vocation and studied Fashion Design at the School of Arts and Crafts in Ibiza. In 2011 she moved her ‘home’ workshop to the street level to devote “100% to fashion, a profession that all the time is teaching me new things”, she says.

Isabel is one of the young promises from Ibiza.

You’re one of the youngest designers participating in Adlib 2013. It is very difficult to create a brand and comercialize it in ibiza? I have been participating in Adlib since 2009 and I think I’m the youngest one. Nothing in life is easy, but I think the that the work and the desire you put into a project helps a lot. I decided to make exclusive collections, haute couture, made-to-measure and I think it is even more difficult to sell. You have to be very good at your job but you also need to do good marketing.

What is the hardest thing when starting a business dedicated to the design and fashion? The hardest thing for me was deciding to take the plunge. At first you have fears because you do not know what will happen, but when you believe in your project everything is flowing, things come out, and what is now a big problem, tomorrow is an anecdote. Some days are very good and these days are really wonderful, other days are not so good because you do not flow and somedays are really bad!  It’s a job where you know when you start, but do not know where you’re gonna end, so you have to enjoy it!  The truth is that when I am in the workshop I forget the time and the hours go by.

We see that your style is young, sexy, bold….how would you define your creations? I consider myself quite romantic and I like to see a woman elegant, but also sexy and provocative, with class and personality. A woman not swayed by fashion, that remains true to her style . I have never liked the uniforms and I think a style is formed as a result of your character and personality. The way you dress says a lot about you. Well, you also have to know to be in every moment and every occasion.

What can you tell us about you Spring/Summer 2013 collection? This year my collection has been inspired by my own childhood.  I have been creating knitted clothes but I also wanted to make it sexy and romantic, and  a bit classy.

How do you think Adlib will evolve in the future? Are we walking in the right direction? Adlib is a label that characterizes Ibiza fashion and there is nothing more popular than the white dress. Adlib is in constant evolution, but it is also a way of life, a style that characterizes the life we live on the island. It is not he same to live in Barcelona or Madrid than Ibiza, we have a different  rhythm of life and it is reflected on the way we dress.

Isabel’s Ibiza

A beach: Sa Caleta
A restaurant: Yemanja in Cala Jondal
A sunset in:  Las Puertas del Cielo.
Shopping in: Ibiza Port or Marina Botafoch
A drink: Depends on the season, there are many places on the island with charm. I love to have a drink at the beach clubs.

See below photos of Isabel Castellar 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Adlib collections 

Isabel Castellar
Aeroport road, 85. Sant Jordi.

by Judit Carcasona and Julia Fioravanti