Adlib 2013: Elisa Pomar

Five generations of jewelers, several famous painters and a great-grandfather who designed jewelry for King Alfonso XIII. Elisa‘s Pomar family history is exciting and full of talented people dedicated to the art and to the creation. But the saga continues. Elisa is a renowned jewelry designer who stands out for her incredible collections inspired by the ancient emprendades (typical Ibiza jewels). Today Ibiza Trendy interviews Elisa Pomar, designer of Adlib 2013.

Elisa Pomar at her shop in La Marina trendy neighborhood.

Five generations of jewelers and a grandfather who designed for the mistress of a king. Could yo tell us this story? Well, my grandfather always told me that King Alfonso XIII loved women! He had been a couple of times on official travel in Ibiza, but it seem that also took some ‘unofficial’ breaks. He went to buy jewels at my granfather workshop, since in the Peninsula he couldn’t find such designs. Then my grandfather began to be known as “the jeweler of the King’.

What are your earliest childhood memories in the workshop?  I remember when I was child my family had a small workshop in la Marina. They worked with very primitive tools, it was a very sacrificed. At that time there were no instruments, no masks, my father always had their hands cut off. Looks like a very romantic job, but it was hard then. My father always told us that we had to study.

How did you start designing jewelry inspired by the ancient emprendades? As a child I had always seen my father doing research on antique jewelry. Sometimes, for our birthday, he created for us designs inspired by Ibiza style but with a modern touch. But he never dared to market it. Four years ago, after his death, I decided to create jewelry inspired by the ancient emprendades as a tribute to him. Keep in mind that a gold emprendada worth 30,000 euros. So I started working with silver, gold plating, semi-precious jewels. In fact, once Ibiza was a very poor island and the first emprendades were made of silver.

Weren’t you worried about creating controversy?  It is true that I was a bit bold, but what I do is an evolution. I would never  touch something ancient. For me, old jewels are something sacred and must be preserved . What I do is draw inspiration from the old things to create new things. So the response has been good, because people know that I will always respect the antique jewelry.

What are you featuring this year at Adlib Fashion Show? I am presenting some designs in coral. Now it is forbidden to catch it, but we keep ancient coral pieces that my father bought from the fishermen. It would be a tribute to the sea, to the days when our Mediterranean sea was full of coral. Furthermore, I believe that coral is an amazing material, keep in mind that it is an organic material, which are attributed healing properties.

Once again, you are presenting your designs with Tony Bonet. What can you tell us about this collaboration? I was lucky to meet him six years ago. At first he seemed a very distant guy, but when I met him… I always say that we felt in love! We complement each other very well. We design separately but always everything fits perfectly!

Adlib has become today in an incredible mix of styles and influences. What do you think is Adlib today? I think that Adlib is Ibiza. Adlib does not work in London or in South America. Adlib is a blend of tradition and evolution, sprigs of the 70 to the clubs. To me Adlib is Ibiza, the most inspiring place in the world.

Elisa’s Ibiza

A beach: Cala Comte, I have loved this place since childhood.

A restaurant: S’Esparta, I love typical typical Ibizan peix bullit. Great service also. I would say that S’Espartà is an Adlib restaurant.

A sunset: in: Cala Saona, Formentera.

Shopping at: La Marina neighborhood.

Going out: Café del Mar, in Sant Antoni. And by night sometimes I like to go to Pacha.

See below jewelry designs by Elisa Pomar:

Joyería Pomar

Calle Castelar, 1. Ibiza

Facebook/ Pomar Joyas de Ibiza

by Judit Carcasona and Julia Fioravanti