Adlib 2013: Dira Moda

Dira Moda is fusion a of the romantic classic Adlib and the strength of independent and modern women. Diana Vizcaino is the designer behind a collection that is pure cosmopolitan style, comfortable but also feminine. Today we feature one of our young Adlib fashion designers.

Diana Vizcaino Gonzalez, Dira Moda.

Dira Moda is 100% Adlib fashion made in Ibiza. Why to you believe that Adlib has been trendy for more than 40 years and is still in? Personally I do not consider Adlib a trend, but a designation of origin or a symbol of quality that evolves adapting to new trends.

What can you tell us about your Spring / Summer 2013 Collection? Dira Moda commitment billowing garments made from natural fabrics like cotton, with a very varied collection of clothes.

What kind of women do you design for? For all kinds of women, no matter their size or age, the main idea is that they all feel elegant, beautiful and comfortable when wearing a dress by Dira.

Nowadays we see that many companies in Spain (also in Ibiza) are importing products from Asia, while Adlib bets for production in Spain. Is it difficult to be alive in such a competitive market? It’s true that times are tough, both for the import of products and the current economic situation. But what it is really annoying is seeing people selling imported products under the name of Ibiza or Adlib.

How do you think that Adlib fashion will evolve in the future? How would you like to you to evolve? I do not have the answer, but I like to think that Adlib has strength to go on a long time with the hard work and creativity of all the designers and the support of the Ministry of Industry of Ibiza.

Diana’s Ibiza

A beach: Cala Compte.

A restaurant: anyone where I can eat a good paella.

A sunset in: San Antonio.

Shopping in: Madrid.

Going out: I like to have a white wine glass always accompanied by good friends.

See below some designs by Dira Moda:

Dira Moda

por Julia Fioravanti y Judit Carcasona