Adlib 2013: De los Angeles Kids

De los Angeles is the designer who dresses the dreams of the teenagers and little girls from Ibiza. Hearts, sequins, rhinestones, tye-dye, ethnic prints … her creative universe is full of magic and personality. Angeles Gonzalez, the designer behind the brand, is committed to a “creativity without limits” and free spirit. Today we interview the only one kids clothing designer that will be at Adlib Fashion Show 2013.

Ángeles González, children’s fashion designer.

Tell us a little about yourself. How were your beginnings in the world of fashion? I am 34 right now. I studied international trade at the University of London. I started designing after the birth of my daughter. Then I decided to follow the footsteps of my husband, who is also a designer. I was quite successful till the beginnings, my first designs were exposed at the FIMI Children Fashion Fair in Valencia. The design had always been a hobby for me since childhood. I was always making clothes and accessories for my school friends.

How do you see the universe of children’s fashion? I believe that it is a world where you can be very creative. I think that our society is still very classic, although on Ibiza we are more innovative and we ran away from convention. We need to evolve without losing our identity.

What inspires you when creating? I am inspired by everything around me: nature, different cultures, combinations of textures and colors and, above all, my muses – my girls.

Year after year, you’re the only one kids clothing designer at the Adlib Fashion Show. How is working with children on a catwalk? The experience is different every time, considering that the models -and also my daughters- have grown … I see it as a natural development. I love to work with children, because they are spontaneous and funny, so … what else could I want?

Adlib fashion has evolved a lot during 4 decades. How do you see the future? Adlib is the spirit of one of the most beautiful islands in the world, a place with lots of personality, character  and freedom. So I believe that Adlib will have a good future.

What are you going to present at Adlib Fashion Show? Will you surprise us? I hope to do it!.  This year we have something new, as we have designed a collection of party dresses, which could be defined as ceremony dresses. They  are very fresh and unconventional.

Angels Ibiza

A beach: a cove in Ses Salines.

A Restaurant: Es Torrent.

A sunset: Sant Francesc.

Shopping at: I usually do not plan it…so wherever I am at this moment!

Going out: Cala Jondal.

See below some designs by De los Ángeles Kids: 

Se below a selection of party dresses:

De los Ángeles Kids

by Julia Fioravanti