Adlib 2013 designer: Beatrice San Francisco

Designs inspired by nature that will make you feel the the soul of bohemian Ibiza, the island of freedom. So are the Beatrice San Francisco designs, wich have become very international.  Born in Germany, Beatrice’s life has always been dedicated to fashion. Her grandmather was also a fashion designer, and taught her knitting. As a teenager, Beatrice began selling her first designs to her teachers. “Even sometimes I was knitting at the school!,”  she recalls. After studying fashion design in Berlin and working in Milan, she worked as an editor and stylist for the famous German magazine Burda. After the birth of her first daughter in Hamburg, Beatrice moved to Ibiza in 1998. On the island she met her future husband, Francisco. Together they would create one of  the most Ibiza international brands. Today, Ibiza Trendy features Beatrice San Francisco, designer of Adlib Fashion 2013.

Fashion designer Beatrice San Francisco.

Your brand was born in Ibiza and was born with love. Please, tell us the story. Yes, it is true! Once in Ibiza, I Francisco, and I like to say that he is my Holy! (San means Holy in spanish) We were looking for a name for our brand. Here all the towns are named San Juan, San Mateo, San … everyting … Then Beatric San Francisco came to us. I taught my husband to knit and turned out to have a tremendous talent for it. People loved his designs, he is much more crazy and daring than me! I always used say: You can’t do this! But he did, and was supersexy … and people got crazy! Now Francisco is not designing anymore, he is dedicated to his profession, refurbishing.

How would you define your style? Very comfortable, wearable, and designed for all types of women. My clients are from young girls to ladies of 90 years, because I try to design pieces that feel good to anyone. I have many designs that have multiple positions: can be a skirt, a poncho, a top-… I also have an exclusive collection more sexy and daring.

What inspires you most when you create? During the early years it was very hippy Ibiza, with many colors. Over time I have gone to the most basic, earthy colors, 100% organic cotton. Now I go back a little to color. My inspiration is Ibiza, I feel connected to 100% with the island and to its nature. Ibiza is love, family, nature, my girls .. plus my brand, wich is also a family project. My little girl is only 11 years, and knits and makes their own clothes. The older one, aged 17, helps me in the market, she is a very good seller!

After 40 years, Adlib has changed from classic white dress to many different styles. What it is Adlib today? It is true, Adlib was in its origins a lot of white and lace… It may seem that we are not the typical concept of Adlib, although I’ve heard that in the past knitted clothes became very popular in Ibiza , so in a way, I’m back to the origins. I think it’s okay to Adlib have different styles.

What can you tell us about your new collection? Lot of natural colors, although I am using also red and gold lurex. The models are very asymmetric with many strings and inspiration from American Indian tribes. And all my new designs are made of 100% organic cotton.

The best thing about living in Ibiza is ... nature, people and spirituality. First year I lived in Sant Joan and there I meet very special people. During the early years I  had contact with very magical people.

Beatrice’s Ibiza

A beach. There are so many that I like! Cala Saladeta, Aigues Blanques Benirràs …

A sunset in: Always Benirràs

A restaurant: I am vegetarian and the truth is that there is too much supply on the island. I really like Moset in Santa Gertrudis.

Shopping: Ibiza Das, in the port, and Angels Shop, in Santa Gertrudis, for clothes. To buy shoes I like Charol and Angels.

Going out and having a drink: Atzaró.

See below new Beatrice San Francisco collection. Photos:  Oscar Munar. Model: Trilce (Deva Models). Hair and make up: Sandra Tur, from Fanny&Co.

Beatrice San Francisco fashion shows at Ushuaia (Adlib 2012) and Atzaró. Photos: Julia Fioravanti.

Find Beatrice San Francisco collection in Las Dalias, Ibiza Das (Ibiza town), Queens of Joy (Santa Eulària) and Angels (Santa Gertrudis).

by Judit Carcasona and Julia Fioravanti