Trainning under the sun

Do you like doing exercise but believe that gyms are boring? Wanna get fit while enjoying a beauty natural environment? When Marisa and Virgil, owners from The Workout Club Ibiza, invited us to join to one of their training sessions, we did not hesitate a second. First, because the coaches are great professionals. Also because we like the outdoor sports and wanted to find another way to get fit. Want to know how? Keep reading.

A group jumping on the beach. Photo: Lisa Petrova.

Talamanca beach 10.30am. We are in January, but it is another warm sunny day in Ibiza. The session begins with some gentle warm-up exercises, while we are enjoying a gorgeous sea views. The water takes precious silver tones. There are good vibes and the atmosphere is relaxed and cosmopolitan. Marisa explains that “The Workout Club Ibiza is not just sport, we are a community, a family, and we get together often for all types of activities”. Meanwhile, Virgil is very aware of the position of the spine while we are doing the exercises. “It is the most important thing, both when exercising and in your everyday life”, he says.

The exercises are rising intensity. We are now working with weights and doing cardiovascular series. Crawling in the sand ‘doing the Leopard’ is not easy, but getting firm legs and buttocks this summer either. Virgil jokes and encourages us to gain intensity. It getting harder and harder. We are doing several spring series alternating with pushups. Then some toning work and finally end up with more springs and cardiovascular exercise. After 45 minutes, I feel tired, but also notice that I have worked every muscle in my body (I will notice it more tomorrow morning). And also had fun! Conclusion: 100% recommended.

Doing exercise on the beach is cool.

With Marisa y Virgil, after the training in Talamanca.

Special offer: 2 week trial or 6 sessions for 35 euros. Also extras such as an E-book, Food Manual, access to the secret Facebook group, acces to Free Bonus workouts, discount on nutrition. More info here:

Russian weights, used for the toning exercises.

The Workout Club Ibiza

Group trainings in  (Talamanca), Santa Eulària (finca Can Vaca, Sant Carles road) and Sant Antoni (next to Ocean Beach). Also personal training.

Spoken Spanish, Catalan, English, German and Dutch.

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