Into the woods: Fioroni Collection

Today we invite you to a trip into de woods of northern Ibiza. One of the most charming and also unknown part of the island. We take a  path that leads us to a house tale. It looks like the Hobbit home that Tolkien described in ‘The Lord of Rings’, but we are not in a fantasy world. In fact, this is the house of a very special person: we could also say that she does some kind of magic with her hands too. We are talking about the lovely Angela Fioroni ‘Pelush’, designer of the famous Ibiza Butterfly kaftans, which have become the most desired- and also the most imitaded of Ibiza.

This house-workshop worhts a story: The famous Butferly are handwashed and dyed here.  They are a real hadcrafted designs made on the island. Today we enter the magical world of Fioroni Collection, you are welcome!

‘Pelush’ at her home in the north of Ibiza.

Angela Fioroni, born in Italy, studied fashion at the School of Art in Florence, specializing in costumes for theater. When she was young, she worked as assistant on several tours, including the famous Scala in Milan. In 1981, during a holiday in Ibiza her live changed forever. She decided to settle on the island and in the mid 80s she began to sell her creations at Las Dalias Hippy Market. Her most famous design, the Butterfly kaftan, was inspired by one of her trips to Thailand. “First I bought some trimmings (decorations) and wanted to mix & match with white cotton. I really like the pure white with contrasting colors. Then it came the pattern, I began to sell it and everybody loved it!,” she says. Nowadays, Fioroni’s Butterflies are sold at the coolest Spanish and European shops.

The bloggers love them: From left to right: Mytenida, Loving my Steps and Ibiza Rocks Me. Before buying your Butterfly kaftan  make sure that it is labeled “Fioroni Collection”.

So that’s how Fioroni Collection designs became the most wanted. The pattern has been copied by many brands. We will not reveal wich ones, but some of them are pretty famous!. ‘Pelush’ was angry at the begining, but now takes it easy: “If I have been imitated everywhere, I suppose that it means that the design is good”. So good, we must say! Fioroni‘s stall at Las Dalias hippy market is one of the most populars. Creativity, design and 100% artisan work. While reading this, you can think that each of these items has been washed and hand dyed, dried in the sun of Ibiza and ready for you to take a bit of the magic of the island with you.

Judit (Ibiza Trendy) and Pelush at the house roof.

by Judit Carcasona