Inside Ibiza Trendy’s closet

Today we welcome the weekend wearing a very special outfit. This poncho from Aurobelle Ibiza is stunning: it was love at first sight! It is made of suede, fringes and sewn American Indian style. The touch is super soft and fits very well. A handcrafted poncho that turns into a unique and timeless design. I hope that you will like it as much as I like. Happy weekend folks!

Poncho, belt and necklace from Aurobelle Ibiza, here. You can also order online:

Denim short from Suite Low Cost Ibiza.

Via Strata Boots.  Boots cover from Aurobelle.

Aurobelle hat, here.

Aurobelle Ibiza

Can Bernat Toniet, 5. Sant Josep.

Edificio Can Serra. Local 4. Santa Gertrudis.

Las Dalias de Ibiza.

by Judit Carcasona