The White Ibiza dress

Ibiza, 1971.The island had become a hippy paradise, where young people used to wear clothing inspired by the white color so typical of the churches and farm houses of the region. Cotton, sheer dresses, laces, the Croche … fashion was become simple, comfy and authentic. That’s how the Adlib fashion was born, inspired by the latin expression ‘ad libitum’, whose meaning is “as you like.” A very appropriate motto for times of utopia and freedom. Today Ibiza Trendy features 10 top Ibiza white dresses for this summer.

Featured image: off the shoulders white dress by Tony Bonet, available here. 

Aurobelle boho tunic Ibiza

Isla Blanca dress by Aurobelle Ibiza, here. 


Romantic. Embroidered dress from Aurobelle Ibiza, here. 

featured image Boho long kaftan Ibiza fashion Tony Bonet

 Bohemian Godeness . Extra large gown by Tony Bonet Ibiza, available here


Mexican inspo. Long dress with fringes and lace by Tony Bonet, here. 

Beatrice San Francisco knit dress Ibiza shop

Wild. Knitted asymmetrical dress, designed by Beatrice San Francisco, here. 

Mini dress by beatrice san francisco Ibiza

Sexy. Mini knit dress by Beatrice San Francisco, here. 


Linen. Dress embellished with lace and pom poms, by Fioroni Collection, here.

Vestido blanco con madroños mercadillo Dalias Ibiza

Colorful pom poms. A very cool dress embellished with trimmings and poms pombs, from Fioroni Collection, here.


Ruffles. Mini tunic dress by Dora Herbst Ibiza, here. Combine it with denim hot pants.


Classic. And yes, this is the typical Ibiza dress, from ibicenco por Dora Herbst Ibiza, aquí. 


por Judit Carcasona