The Great Gatsby meets Bettie Page

Sheer dresses, sequined jackets, feather boas, oversized sunglasses, vintage clothing … the event organized by  Solis Lucrum last Sunday in Atzaró created a magical atmosphere. An exciting journey through time, were the glamour and elegance of The Great Gatsby met the freshness of Bettie Page style pin-up girls.  Men were wearing elegant suits and white shirts, and women glowing in their vintage cool dresses. Viva la Dolce Vita!

Also in the event: Bfit, magician Mariano Noriega, photographer Natalie Beth Harris, hair by Emilio Rico, eyelash extension by Love Yourself Beauty by Belissima, makeover by Ibiza Pin Ups and  fun photo booth by Ana Lui Photography. 

Bfit, the most fashionable gym in Ibiza, organized a cardiobox masterclass in Atzaró.

Some guests, posing during the event. Vintage expert Anisya Sam of Solis Lucrum is wearing a violet dress wint flower print.

Solis Lucrum
Dalt Vila shop opening on May 1.
New huge store is opening on May 1. Solis Lucrum will have a huge section of furniture, clothes and accessories to rent for events, weddings and parties. Also will organize themed events on a montly basis this year.  New store is located near the airport road, km 5,6. 
facebook/ Solis Lucrum

Special thanks to Natalie  Beth Harris for the photos published in this post.