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Alina Grinberg is a Dj, vocalist and model in ibiza. Born in Latvia from a Russian family, Alina has spent several years living in Ibiza, where she has been playing in some of the most exclusive clubs: Pacha, Lío, KM5, Nassau. By her face is familiar to you. She has also been modeling for the most well known Ibiza brands. Today Ibiza Trendy interviews this Dj from the East. But she is not a cold girl, always laughing and smiling. It’s all about music: “ My job is to create good atmosphere so people can have fun. So music I play is the most important, but also the attitude… Always with a smile”.

Tell us about your career as a DJ in Ibiza. Where have you been playing? I’ve been studying music and singing since I was 7. At the age of 18 I went to study to Moscow in Gnessin Acady of Music. When I came to ibiza I was working like a vocalist in various places. I took my first residency like a Dj in 2012 in Formentera at “ The beach” club. In 3 years I have played in many great places: Pacha, Lio, KM5, Nassau, Sushi point, Bfor  the new Ibiza Cavalli Lounge….this summer I’m working in Cavalli ibiza, its the new amazing place, and fridays in Sunset Catamaran.  And also this summer I am recording some tracks of chill out and deep house, that will go out in the end of the summer.

Although most famous dj are men, girls ara also finding their place in the scene. Is it harder for women to become a star? I do not think that it depends on being a male or a female depends … But you have to be good though … lol

During your career as a model, what is the show you remember most? I have great memories of all, I feel that I have modeled for most Ibiza brands. One of the most unforgettable was a fashion show in Atazaró for Kurrukurru … I opened the show singing! It was something different and memorable. It was also very cool the Michiko Koshino fashion show at Blue Marlin. It was recorded by Fashion TV in Russia and all my friends there could see me.

And your fav shooting? With Jordi Gomez for an exhibition. I like to work with him, because it’s like a job with friends, but always with a high level of professionalism. It was also good my acting experience for Reno Twizy spot. I was playing the role of an architect and we were recording in very attractive locations throughout the island. Also the work for the video of Sasha Lopez “Weekend” was fun.

How would you define your style? Does your job as a dj helps you to create your own character? It depends on where I am working. During the day I like to wear comfortable clothes. No heels please! I usually wear casual or sporty look with a rocker or hippie twist. By night I I choose elegant clothes, high heels and red lips.

 Ibiza fashion is simple and reflects the open-mind of the island. I think here we do not follow the trends, we create them!

What do you thing about fashion in Ibiza?  I love it! Ibiza fashion is simple and reflects the open-mindedof the island. I think here we do not follow the trends, we create them! You can feel free to create your owns style and dress accordingly to your personality.l am also very happy with the projection of some brands from the island, being a phenomenon worldwide, like World Family Ibiza, one of my favorite brands.

Essentials in your wardrobe this summer: This summer I will like to wear very colorful clothing. Floral patterns, geometric clothing, ripped jeans, crop tops. As a complement, sneakers. And this season a round sunglasses!

Ibiza by Alina:

A beach: Aguas Blancas.

A restaurant. Bambudhha. Temaquihno

Shopping at. Mokka Ibiza Trendy, Velvet, Revolver, Noss.

Sunset spot:  We have wonderful views from my partner music studio. You can work and enjoy the sunset – very inspiring!

Going out. Lio, Amnesia.

See below some outfits by Alina Wild.

Stripped top Velvet. Converse sneakers. Jeans Zara. Berska leather jacket. Sunnies Prada.

Top, fringe shorts and Howsty boots, all from MOKKA Ibiza Trendy.

Wearing a total look by Miss June, from MOKKA Ibiza Trendy.

Boat party wearing a Chaser Brand top, Montley Crue Edition.

Mademoiselle Paris dress, at Bellini Lounge opening.

Glowing in a SCALA sequined dress at the new Cavalli Ibiza Lounge.

by Judit Carcasona