Trendy Army

A new season is coming and the army style is here again to stay. Military parkas, camo jackets and patches are the new autum must haves. Today we feature the military-inspired looks of the celebrities and the best ideas for your wishlist. Welcome to the trendy army!

Kate Moss military camo jacket

Kate Moss in a skinny jeans & camo jacket.

parka militar parches Ibiza TRendy

Patched military parka from Ibiza Trendy online shop, available here.

Cara Delevigne military jacket

Mix & match like Cara Delevigne: tartan, denim and camo print.


chaqueta militar Ibiza espalda

Camo jacket embroidered with flowers and letters, available online here. 

Ashley actress grunge military style

Grunge-rock style by actress Ashley Tisdale. We love it!

Vestido militar Mon Amour Ibiza

Camo dress embellished with crystals, from Mon Amour Ibiza, here.

Heidi Klum camo

Heidi Klum kills it in a total camo look.

Chalecos militares customizados pelo Cosi Cosi

Embrodery military vests with fur, from In Ibiza you can find them at Bisc Village, here

por Judit Carcasona