From Formentera with love

Inspired by Formentera, its light and the bohemian Adlib style, wedding dresses by designer Eva Cardona are like works of art. She takes care of the all little details, using exquisite fabrics, such as silks, chiffons or guipur, and very femenine designs. Asymmetric cuts and backless dresses are a constant in her collection. Today we invite to discover a Formentera fashion designer that will captivate you.

Eva Cardona is also a creator with a strong personality that only believes in her own instinct. “I do not follow the trends so much, for me fashion is something that comes from inside. I always like to show the female body. A bride need to feel feminine but also comfortable,” she says. Her dresses are designed for women of all ages and can be adapted to different situations. “I not only design dresses for beach weddings, I worked with brides who got married in a mosque in the mountains, in a city … For me it is very important a good communication with the bride, we work together to create the dress of your dreams. “

Eva’s bridal dress. The designer, who lives with her husband and two children, confesses that she never married, so she still haven’t wore a bridal gown. Her ideal design would be “one from the latest collection, decorated with many Swarovski crystals… I must confess that I am like a magpie, love all that glitters!

Eva Cardona

Facebook/ Eva Cardona Formentera 

Photos- Rafa Requena

Models- Bella Rojo and Andrea Sevaz

Hair dresser- Toni Rodrigo

Make up- Les Paques

by Judit Carcasona