Danger shoes

Le dangerouge is the story of a young italian creative that one day decided to leave her comfortable job at family skateboards business for launching into a new adventure: create boots and shoes with her own hands. Her steps took her to the legendary Raval district of Barcelona, where she had the chance to discover how the shoes were produced formerly. “A friend introduced me to an old man who made shoes in El Raval. It was amazing. Working with him I learned how to make my own boots and soon I ventured with my own creations,” explains Rouge, whose name has inspired her shoe brand.

This summer, the young designer and artisan is staying in Ibiza. We discovered her at Once Upon a Time flea market, a project of young artists that organize meetings in different parts of a island. “In Barcelona I also request the Aftertea markets, which are becoming quite popular. I thought it was worth something in Ibiza” he says.

Matin’s style boots, sport shoes, customized Converse … Le dangerouge universe is full of  icons that for decades have identified the rebellious youth and alternative movements. And a distinctive sign, the seal of the house: the golden chains that decorate their footwear.

The boots are priced at about 140 euros, while the shoes cost 120. They are made by hand with quality natural leather imported from Italy. They are comfortable and very cool.

Le dangerouge


Ledangerouge@gmail. com

by Julia Fioravanti y Judit Carcasona