Feel like a queen

Santa Eulalia became trendy thanks to the opening of Queens of Joy, a very boho chic new store where you can find the best creations by Ibiza designers. Beatrice San Francisco, Reina & Roses, Tom Tom Ibiza, Tanit Jeans, Bikini Ibiza, Ibiza Beaux and Jewerly by Desiree are just of the some brands you’ll find here, along with international designs such as IZI Boots or California Christiana Republic.

“Everything you find in the store reflects my style, the type of clothes I like to dress in, and that’s what I want to share with people,” says the owner, Jeurninck Nikki, from Holland. Nikki has a wide experience in the fashion business  and has committed to opening this new store here because she believes that “Santa Eulalia is changing, becoming a more modern town thanks to places such as the new beach club Atzaró. My idea is to offer the best brands in Ibiza in a single store. ”

Queens of Joy decor is very cool, with the same style of stuff you can find in store. Beautiful boots lined with carpet remnants, knitted dresses for a hippy look,  wool carpets, handmade vests tinted with flowers from Ibiza, beautiful ladies leather vests, bikinis with applications … All very tempting !

Carpet upholstered boots for adults and children by IZI boots.

Carpets in brightly colored hair.

Vest with sequins by Uma and Leopold.

Handmade waitcoats tinted with  flowers from Ibiza, Felt by Nathalie.

Leather vest for girls by Monique.

Customized bikinis by Ibiza Bikini.

Handmade cow print bags by Imbuno.

Queens of Joy, c / Mariano Riquer Wallis. santa Eulalia


by Judit Carcasona and Julia Fioravanti.