Children of the 80s

Yes we were there!!! At the party everybody in Ibiza is talking about.  Chidren of the 80s is an outdoors event inspired by the music and the style of the eighties, Every Sunday at Hard Rock Hotel you can meet people from different ages and countries having fun and dancing to the rhythm of the greatest hits of Blondie, Queen, Nirvana, The Communards and all that groups and artists that wrote the history of a decade. An event you will like even if you are not a clubber. You will dance like you never danced before!

You can buy advance tickets here :

ET children of the 80s judit

Imprescindible: Fotografiarse con E.T. y con un photocall que os hará viajar en el tiempo con mucha nostalgia.

Children of the 80s at Hard Rock Hotel

Children of the 80s Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

People at Children o f the 80s

Djs children of the 80s

Djs from La Movida are the soul of an incredible party.

Children of the 80s party Ibiza


by Judit Carcasona