Good vibrations in sa Drassaneta

Sa Drassaneta, a real special place located in Sa Penya neighborhood, held last Saturday fist Trash Tienda event, organized by FIX Ibiza.  There we could find private fashion collections of  Ibiza people, with brands such as Max Mara, Gucci , Alexander McQueen, D & G, Bimba & Lola, Kickers, Pepa Loves, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Fake London, among others.  A cool hippy market to discover fashion at affordable prices and a great vibe.  “Trash-Tienda started as a project online, integrated into Facebook, creating a network of people interested in buying and selling fashion in Ibiza”, explains Elena Sanchez, one of the organizers. But in fact it was much more. People felt good vibrations and enjoyed fashion, music and Japanese food with Sushima Aoyama Restaurant.

Great and lively atmosphere in Sa Drassaneta.

Japanese robes will be a must have next summer.

Shoes and boots by different brands.

Having a look.

Le Fleur Dj played in sa Drassaneta best electro and dance music.

Children had a nice time at the workshops organized by AAVIB and enjoyed  Japanese storytelling.

Sa Drassanete also held a sample of bonsai and a delicious tasting of yakisoba and onigiri by chef  Hideki Aoyama.