Bloggers We Love: Myhopi pulseras

It was some months ago when we discovered a cool little blog and said you to follow it. Well,  accessories designer Ana Alonso is the person behind this logbook and we must say that it a must see for the high quality of the pictures and its cheerful colors. We can imagine a better way to start the weekend than with Ana’s good vibes. Her bohemian surfer girl style rocks! . The blog also features her ethnic-inspired designs: colored beads, fringe, vintage fabrics from Asian tribes, Native American prints. Best of all, if you fall in love with her creations-and believe me, you will- you can order them online on the blog. See below some of our favorite outfits, hope you enjoy them. Happy weekend!

Blogger Ana hopi con poncho Ibiza

Jeans customizados Ana Hopi


Blogger Ana Hopi pantalones pailletes

Ana Alonso con su inseparable Charlie, que sabe posar tan bien como su dueña.

ana hopi pulseras Charlie

Pulsera boho Ana Hopi pulseras