Bloggers We Love: Masha Sedgwick

Today we feature Masha Sedgwick, a blogger from Berlin. We are loving her boho rock style, her hypnotic wide green eyes and the fact the she that dares to continuous changes of look. We have seen her as a blonde, brunette, red, green and violet hair and lately, in a very trendy hairstyle: the gray hair.

In the beginnings, Masha used to have a very alternative look, a mix of hard rock and gothic, but has slowly been changing. You’ll love ther blog if you like bohemian vibes and rock’n’roll. But if don’t, you can follow her anyway, she usually features outfits for working girls.

Here’s our selection of photos. Of course, we like her most when she looks fresh from the Coachella Festival or like coming from a holiday in Ibiza.

The beginings: in green & red hair, she was more hard rock than now.