The magic night of Beatrice San Francisco

An enchanted orange scented garden, two mysterious hooded ladies in the night and the hypnotic ambient music by Elea creating an atmosphere full of magic. That was the beginning of the spectacular fashion show that designer Beatrice San Francisco offered last  Sunday in Atzaró to present her new collection. On the catwalk, like in a scene from ‘The Arabian Nights’, the belly dancer Marta Chandra wowed the crowd with oriental dances.

Two mysterious hooded ladies opened the show.

The designer, who is an artist in the art of knitting and has become famous for her asymmetrical designs, presented a collection with clothes made of 100% natural cotton and earth colors. But she also introduced touches of color: Red blends with tye-dye designs, blue dresses to glow in the night and designs with rainbow effect.  We also saw many hooded ponchos in the show, which was attended by Sarah Kiff as a stylist. Accesories were from Das Ibiza and hair and makeup by Bellisima.

Marta Chandra belly dancer during the show.

Tye-dye and red for a very actual collection.

The new Rainbow style dresses, full of color.

We saw many hooded ponchos on the catwalk.

The big blue, the perfect color for the Ibiza nights.

Sexy woman

Beatrice San Francisco presented on the catwalk models designed for all types of women. From long oversize dresses to microshorts and tight dresses for a sexy look. The prom dresses in light colors with sequins and long queues were also amazing.

Microshorts and jumpsuits for a sexy woman.

Short dresses, very bold and sexy.

Beautiful prom dress with sequins.

Detail of a white prom dress.

The butterfly effect: we love this spectacular dress in golden.

Elena created an evolving atmosphere. con su música trance ambient étnica.

Beatrice San Francisco, wearing a blue dress, after the fashion show with her family and the models.

por Judit Carcasona