“We want Adlib to be more international”

Ibiza is working on the preparations for Adlib Fashion Show 2013, which will be held on June 6 at the San Antonio Yacht Club. Today, Ibiza Trendy  interviews the councilior of Industry, Vicent Roig Tur, who talks about the state of the fashion industry in Ibiza and its future prospects. With this post we introduce ‘Special Adlib 2013 “, a new section where we will present you all the fashion designers taking part in the most awaited event. Long live to the freedom-loving fashion!

This year, Adlib Fashion Show will be very focused on fashion blogs and social networks. Is this the year of change? Yes, this will be one of the most important things in this edition. We want to give more importance to specific media: blogs, social networks, dotcom … is it a more dynamic and different approach. So far we have been a lot support from gossip magazines, and we shouldn’t forget that thanks to them we have positioned Adlib very well, but this is the time of the bloggers.

17 designers will take place in the upcoming Adlib Fashion Show Fashion Catwalk. We have more creators than ever, who also have very different proposals. What is Adlib today? There is always a lot of interest from designers to participate, although from the Consell we demand certain requirements. For us it is important that at least a part of the production is done in Ibiza, there are workshops on the island that generate jobs and we need it. Furthermore, we understand that Adlib is changing all the time and creating different  styles.

Last year we celebrated the 40th edition of Adlib fashion. Four decades later, it is a phenomenon that is still fashionable. We could say that Adlib never gets old. What’s the secret?  I believe there are two facts behind Adlib success. The first is the spirit, comfort and aesthetics of Adlib fashion itself. Nothing is more wearable and cool than a piece of Adlib clothing, specially in wet and and hot places like Ibiza. The second part I think is that the spirit of Ibiza and fashion are closely linked. The tourism boom began linked to Adlib fashion and both phenomena have been progressing and evolving together over time. It has also been heavily promoted by the institutions. But the point is that I think it succeeded in capturing a piece of cloth the spirit of Ibiza. And that is what has led to Adlib to last over 40 years.

How is fashion Industry currently in Ibiza? The Ibiza fashion invoices about 3 million per year. At present, the domestic market is the most important, although Adlib is having a lot of potential in Miami, El Salvador, Milan, the Riviera, Brazil, Russia … our fashion begins to have an international launch. It is true that about 70-80% of exports are still made in Spain, but about 30% is being exported. At the institutional level we are planning, together with the Balearic Government, an internationalization plan for Ibiza fashion.

How do you see the future of fashion in Ibiza? I think we have to shake off the complex and start introducing into new markets and growing up over the world. I think that Adlib can work both more commercial collections and other more exclusive handmade, more artisanal. Keep in mind that other countries are currently copying Adlib term and aesthetics, so we have to take advantage.

Here we show you some images of the Adlib press conference that took place last week in Madrid.

Spanish Tv celebs Aurelio Manzano and Rosa Villacastín, talking whit the councillior during the press conference.

Adlib biscuits…delicious!


by Judit Carcasona

Photos: Pasarela Adlib .