Anita Pallenberg, the Rolling Stones muse

Today we feature model and actress Anita Pallenberg, who died last week at the age of 73. Muse to the Rolling Stones, groupie and one of the first it girls, this Roman beauty lived the dolce vita in Italia and was one of the girls at Andy Warhol’s Factory in New York. She was the girlfriend of rollings Brian Jones and Keith Richards. She had three children in common with Richards, but sadly one of them passed away being a baby.

Anita was one of the two best known characters in the universe of rock”n’roll, appeared in several films -including the psychedelic Barbarella – and had a wild youth, marked by drugs. She later managed to rehab herself, split up with Richards and settled in London, becoming a fashion reference.

Anita is one of our favourite icons from the 70’s. We just adore her boho style and timeless beauty. Today we pay tribute to one of the muses of rock’n’roll.

Maxi tunics where a must have during the 70s and are also trendy now. At the right, dress by Tony Bonet, here. 

Wearing a fringed shawl during a movie.

Anita at the right, pixie hair and roman sandals (yes, they were also trendy in the 70s).

One of her most inspiring pictures, wearing a tribal dress. At the right, real Afghan dress, here. 

It could be now: Velvet pants and military jacket.

Muses and friends: Anita with Kate Moss in the 90s.