Joy of life

Aurobelle is pure color and joy of life. Sheer dresses, hand-printed fabrics made in India and exoticism are the keys to one of the most famous fashion Ibiza brands. Aurobelle‘s store in Santa Gertrudis make you feel like entering into a magical world, created by German-born designer Jane Natascha Naeke. We visited this particular enchanted shop, where we discovered beautiful print dresses with block print, the ancient Indian tradition, exclusive hand-embrodiery silk kurtas, warm quilts for home and a large collection for true hippy chic young girls.

Aurobelle store in Santa Gertrudis is full of light and colour.

Exclusiva hand-embrodiered silk kurtas. Prices range from 110 to 130 euros.

Do not miss: Aurebelle outlet, from 10 euros a dress.

Dresses for young girls, one of favourites sections.

Jane Natascha Naeke. Fashion designer.

Jane and daughter Ishi.

Born in Germany and adventure-lover, Jane traveled arround the world working ass a stewardess. During a trip to India, she decided to settle in the spiritual community of Auroville, which became her inspiration and encouraged her to start designing fashion. After the birth of her daughter Ishi, Jane moved to the place where he had always wanted to live: Ibiza. From its beginnings in the hippy markets to create a brand with international projection. We spoke with Jane dreams, fashion and Ibiza.

An inspiration. Formentera! In our new collection of summer 2013, we invite clients to dive into the turquoise waters of the island, to enjoy the colorful coral red, touch silk and chiffon fabrics …
Aurobelle woman and kids: We want them to feel the difference , to feel alive, happy and really be themselves .
A look to succeed: One of our unique super exclusive silk  kurtas with hand embroidery. They are stunning.
Sweet home Ibiza: I wanted a lifestyle that would allow me the freedom to live in the place I love most, and to share the life I love with my daughter.
An anecdote: Ten years before launching my own collection, I met an astrologer who told me that one day I would become a fashion designer. I laughed at this prediction!

por Julia Fioravanti y Judit Carcasona