Bye bye 2012: 10 hot Ibiza trends of the year

This is the end, my friend. In a few hours we will say goodbye to 2012 and welcome a new year. We hope that 2013 will bring luck and happiness to all of you.  Ibiza Trendy features today hottest trends on the white island in 2012. The best ones, the coolest ones, the ones that will survive in 2013 and the ones that soon will be out.  Surely there were many more, but today we have selected 10 and submit to a fashion verdict. Which ones will survive?

Skulls: Seen everywhere in 2012. Bracelets, jackets, boots, belts, kaftans…it seems that everybody in Ibiza is wearing one. Trendy Verdict: Long live skulls!

Neon. The color of Ibiza summer 2012. Seen everywhere and everyone wearing them. Trendy Verdict: Neon still will be everywhere next summer, but we also will see lot of Laduree colors: fondant pink, violet, lemon and baby-blue shades.

Gothic chic: Fashion shows and the success of the Twilight saga wanted to dress us in a total black look this winter. Trendy Verdict: Gothic chic will die soon in Ibiza. Summer sunshine is not made for pale vampiric faces and dark sinister outfits.

Feathers: Skirts, earrings, hair extensions…feathers are trendy. Wear them both for a cool Ibiza night party or in a boho chic outfit. Trendy Verdict: Feathers are in. Very Ibiza style.

Ethnic and fringes. Prints inspired by American Indian tribes have been trendy this winter. Trendy Verdict: Ethnic prints still be fashionable next summer, but will be much more colorful. Shirts and fringes will become a next summer must have in Ibiza. We love the styling of this photo taken in a cove in Ibiza, by

Wedge sneakers. They have been one of the big hits of 2012. Isabel Marant made it fashionable and it girl Sara Carbonero was wearing them all the time. The ones featured in the photo, by Histeric Ibiza, have been the most wanted by Ibiza Trendy readers. Trendy Verdict: A big boom that soon will be out.

Coloured shorts. Frayed, very short and low waist. Last summer we saw the coolest people  wearing them everywhere, especially in the beach clubs. Trendy Verdict: Pure trend made in Ibiza. We bet on them this season. Get ones with transition effect.

Biker boots. With studs, made of aged leather, black, green…these boots are made far walking, both in summer and winter. A must have in your wardrobe. Trendy Verdict: Biker boots are always in.


Asymmetric skirts vs peplum: Two trends that have stomped during 2012. Trendy Verdict: Asymmetrical skirts will be fashionable in 2013, while the peplum silhouette rather unflattering-doomed-is disappearing soon.

Military. Pants, shirts, jackets, coats … No discussion that military style has been fashionable in 2o12. Trendy Verdict: Keep some military clothes in your closet.


by Judit Carcasona and Julia Fioravanti