7 deadly trends

Hello people! Are you ready to enjoy another great weekend in ibiza? Then do not miss our ‘Deadly trends’: the best things that we have been doing during the week can inspire your weekend. Be happy!

The perfume of Ibiza. Last week we were invited to visit the Hierbas de Ibiza home in Sant Llorenç. It was such a great experience to discover a really inspiring place. Hierbas the Ibiza have expanded the product line and are involved in a big international expansion, with stores in all world. Before leaving, they gave us a special gift: a cologne and body lotion (featured image).Thank you! If you wanna know more about Hierbas de Ibiza, check the website here.

A magical place. Have you ever been in the World Family Ibiza shore ‘in the Campo’? On the road to San Joan km 17.5 find one of the most magic shops on the island. We love this colorful place with a great boho chic atmosphere. You can also shop online here. 

To purchase: We were in Octopus Shop, a deco store that we love.  I could not resist the temptation to buy these funny table mats. Only 3,50 euros each! I love them. Still haven’t been in Octopus? More info here.

Trend. Do you like boots?Well this is your year! Checks Vogue October issue to discover a wide range of boots: cowboy-style, classic, rock…Wich are yours?

Do you like the sea? This weekend is taking place La Fiesta de Mar in San Antonio, with an extensive activities program. The boat trip de es Vedrà looks great, doesn’t it? Are you ready? .

The perfect place your children. Need a baby stitting service? Are you planning a birthday party for your kids? Mini Ibiza is a good place . Contact here.

A restaurant. The restaurant Cas Mila Cala, in Cala Tarida beach,  invites us to taste the best rices on the island. From October 6th, you can enjoy the “Rice Season at noon, with special recipes. A must go this autum!  Book by phone: 971 80 61 93.

by Julia Fioravanti