The world in your bag

World Family Ibiza is a small and family company wich creates handmade ethnic bags, very elaborate and colorful, with a manufacturing process that makes each piece unique. Crochet, leather, feathers, flowers, medals … everything is possible in these charming bags for a hippy look. Now you can also purchase them on the online store, here. 

Chiang-Mai bag: 239 euros.

Artisans, Alok and Merel, are a couple of globetrotters who, along with their six children and Granny Joke, have spent their lives touring countries. Mexico, India, Thailand, Laos, Morocco … each of these destinations has inspired their creations. We love the the Chiang Mai collection, in different sizes and colors. You fill find one that fits you!

Purse: 109 euros.

You can find the full collection at, where you can learn more about this particular family. They also own a shop in Sant Carles and in Las Dalias hippy market.

Marilynn bag: 359 euros.

World Family Ibiza Shops:

Shop online: 

Carretera de Sant Carles, 12. Ibiza

Mercadillo de las Dalias, Ibiza.

Bulevard Rosa. Paseo de Gracia, 55. Barcelona.

Claudio Coello, 81. Madrid.

Paseo Marítimo de Benaloba, 5. Puerto Banús. Marbella.

by Judit Carcasona