Sensual feathers

We walked into the legendary Las Dalias Market to meet the unique and original Yaiza and Jan shop, from the catalan designer Marta. This artisan, who works with feathers, is settled in Las Dalias since last summer.  Her creations are all handmade, making each product unique. We fell into their skirts made of chicken feathers dyed  in different colors: pale pink, white, green and red (80 euros).


Earings made with feathers, dyed and natural: 12-15 euros


This summer , bird feathers captivate fashion lovers: the celebrities wear them in their cocktail dresses, and  feathers are the best source of inspiration for bohemian jewelry, but also look very cool in your head. For many experts, this is a statement of femininity, sensuality and luxury, without being overdone. In this position we note outstanding, classic style headsets and tape, belts, skirts and bracelets. “They are all handmade with feathers of different birds,”  says designer.


Dyed feathers bracelets: 15 euros
We  asked Marta where does she find inspiration: “I have always loved fashion and looked a different concept that did not exist in Las Dalias” she says. She brings all the plumage from Mexico. The feathers come from rooster, hen, Guinea hen, and ostrich. “I love the plumage of birds, sometimes I take and I go to some friend home who has peacock just to pick up some fallen feathers” she says.


Acccesorizes for hair: 20 euros


In Ibiza, this is the place where you can find the coolest feathers to find the right style in our hair  to go out by night. Just wear them with a simple dress or get a roll a roll look with a feather skirt.

by Julia Fioravanti