New Fioroni Ibiza Collection

The new collection of Fioroni Ibiza is now available in our online store! We can only feel gratitude for having the chance to continue working with one of our favorite designers of the island. Her mythical Butterflies have become one of the best-selling Ibiza Trendy items and one of the most imitated and copied on the island. But there is much more in a collection made with great fabrics, such as high quality cotton and linen. And all made in Ibiza. You can purchase all of the designs in our online store, here, and at  Las Dalias hippy marked. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. We are already dreaming of warm days under the sun, walking barefoot on the sand and enjoying the clear waters of the island.

Poncho boho color tierra mercadillo Dalias pompones 1

POncho boho con puntillas de las Dalias de Ibiza Fioroni Ibiza Trendy gris

Linen ponchos with lace and pom poms, available here.

Ana hopi vestido ibiza pomones


Fioroni’s best seller: the Butterfly kaftan available online here. 

Vestido Thara gris violeta off the shoulders dress Ibiza Fioroni

New colors for the Thara off the shoulders dress.

Tiendao online Ibiza Vestido blanco de las dalias con pompones Fioroni espalda

Linen dress with trimmings amb pom poms.

Discover the story of ‘Pelush’, the creator of Fioroni. Follow us the her home in the woods and her magical world here. 

Foulard pompones las DAlias de Ibiza Fioroni

Foulard pompones mercadillo Dalias Ibiza Fioroni

Chal de flecos las Dalias Ibiza

Foulards and shawls that make your look, available here.