Bohemian nights

Las Dalias hippy market is one of the places you cannot miss during your visit to Ibiza. The most popular is held on Saturdays throughout the year, but today we suggest a visit more relaxed: Monday and Tuesday nightmarket. Escape from the heat and the crowds and take your time finding out real treasures among the market stalls: The colorful ethnic bags by Ibiza World Family, knitted dresses by Breatrice San Francisco, Linda Ibiza beautiful handbags, hippy chic dresses for girls by Aurobelle, creations of local artisans, an old forgotten book that explains great stories, a bracelet for just 3 euros, dinner under the stars in happy hippy restaurantthe best live music … Las Dalias night market  is all this and more. Bohemian Nights at one of the most authentic sites of the island. Do not miss it!

Clothes from Afghanistan.

Lights for a magic atmosphere.

Skulls, lights, parrots…an eclectic store.

Dinner under de stars at happy hippy restaurant.

Las Dalias night market

Monday-Tuestady from to 7 pm to 1 am (July and August)

by Judit Carcasona