The hippies from Punta Arabí

Here is where it all began. In 1973, a small group of hippies settled around the Hotel Club Punta Arabí to sell handicrafts and objects that they had been collecting during their travels around the world. This was the beginning of Ibiza’s largest and oldest hippie market. A place with great vibes and a picturesque atmosphere. During the tourist season this place can host up to 500 stalls of clothing, handicrafts, objects of decoration and food.

Things have changed since these days, when the first hippies where sitting on the ground, by the trees, while the days passed to the rhythm of the melody of their guitars, weaving sweaters by hand and exchanging things. Today Punta Arabí is one of the most famous places of Ibiza and a must visit during your holidays on the island. The place still maintains its essence and is an ideal plan to spend the day, do some shopping, have a drink at the food stalls and enjoy the live music. In addition, it has a kids area, so the little ones also have fun.

Open every Wednesday from 10 am to 7 pm.

We love this corner of the market, with a tower full of bungavillas.

Julia from Izuskan, showing its famous handcrafted designs.

Nice Crochet stall is one of our faves.

Must-stop at Giamfranco, his tribal clothing is so amazing.

The central tent is a good place to have a drink or enjoy live music.

Hippie style children’s fashion stall … here you will find authentic treasures for your girls.


by Judit Carcasona