Daniela breaks the mold

A slogan: “Enjoy, fight and love”. This is life philosophy by  Daniela Natale, a young designer of brands Upper Class Homeless and Korovamilksop. Daniela designs shirts for men and women of fabrics and natural dyes, open stores in different European cities mixing fashion, music and art and organizes flea markets where artists display their creations – photographers, DJs, designers, etc.-as  Once Upon a Time. We discovered her in this flea market in Ibiza and talked about design, Ibiza and life.

We would like to know about your personal history. When did you decideto be fashion designer and how to get? Since I was a girl I used to spent all time drawing. I loved art and creating with my hands while my father was carving wood. I have always loved classic Literature, so I decided to study this.  When I was in school I loved to create my own look and make clothes for myself. At the age of 22 I started working in clubs in Ibiza and Italy. I was in charge of the sets and the costumes. Soon I felt I needed to express myself through clothing, fabric and accessories.

How did you develop your brand philosophy? In 2010 I went to Berlin to work and one day I was in a bar at night and wrote with a pen on the door of a bathroom “UPPER CLASS HOMELESS”. These words fit much with the economic and historical situation of the moment and felt I wanted to express this. So I had the idea to develop this concept in collaboration with a web designer, Elisabetta Pelazza, in my city, Torino, creating a shirts collection. Through them we are giving voice to anger, love, joy and pain of people who struggle every day in the world.

Your collections are sold now is several European cities. Upper Class homeless is sold online, that’s why it reaches around the world …We are sending shirts to Berlin, Dussendolf, London and New York also. Korovamilkshop  is sold in Italy and by internet.

Why did you decide to come to Ibiza? The first time I came to Ibiza was in 1998 when he was 22. I was working at a nightclub. For me it was like a dream and I came and I stayed for three months and since then, I come back every summer.

What are your favorite designers? I love fashion, art and music. It is a fantastic way of expression that allows me to represent what I dream and what I see when travelling. Seeking tissues, watch people (who are the best source of inspiration), look books and fashion magazines … But I do not have a designer reference.

Home Class Upper, on one side, and Korovamilkshop, on the other side. What would you point of each brand? Homeless Upper Class is a more adult. Instead, Korovamilkshop in recent years has established its name and is aimed at a younger audience. The collection is very colorful and I promote it in events in bars, parties and clubs in Ibiza and at parties traveling to several cities in Italy. Very soon will reach the island.

What projects are you doing here on the island? I am organizing events in Ibiza for Upper Class Homeless and Korovamilkshop. I’ll stay here till the end of summer.

Brand image  by Korovamilksop.

You can find their collections on their website, facebook and at Upon Once a Time flea markets. 


by Julia Fioravanti