Cas Costas, always fresh

Cas Costas is the new grill & market inspired by the true essence of Ibiza. We love this place, located in a beautiful Ibizencan house on the road to Sant Josep. A lovely garden welcomes us to a outdoors restaurant outdoor decorated in a rustic chic style. The perfect place to start the day with a good breakfast and, incidentally, take the opportunity to make the purchase.

Inside we find the market, under the slogan “We ♡ fresh food” offers fresh, packaged products and a small wine bar. Cas Costas feature a wide selection of fruits, vegetables and legumes. In addition, they opt for products Ibiza. Here you can find the famous Ibikus wine, Salt codimentos Ibiza to dress your best dishes, liquor and carob Exquisite local produce. The market is decorated with vintage airs that give it a special warmth and make it a very nice place. The best of all? Both the market and the restaurant are open full time, from 10 am to 1 am.

Comprar fruta fresca en cas costas Ibiza

Cas Costas market Ibiza boho

legumbres frescas Cas Costas Ibiza

Bar Cas Costas carretera Sant Josep Ibiza

Comprar vinos en Ibiza gourmet tienda Sant Josep


Restaurante con jardin cas costas ibiza

Buda cas Costas Ibiza

Cas Costas restaurant and market Ibiza

Cas Costas. 

Carretera Ibiza a San José, km 3.
971 30 87 55
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