Ashalak, give fashion a soul

Vicky and Virginia are the designers behind Ashalak, a fashion brand  that makes colorful, cheerful and customized clothes for women who love to dress and live with freedom. Their dream was to “give fashion a soul”, says Vicky, born in Argentina but settled in Ibiza. Her partner Virginia, born in Navarre, says fashion “is a reflection of how you are and how you feel.” After having a look at their amazing designs, it seems that these two artisans live in a permanent state of happiness. When we interviewed them, the laughter and complicity were the protagonists.

Vicky, on the left, and Virginia, on the right, wearing clothes and accessories by Ashalak.

What can you tell us of your beginnings?

Vicky: I have always loved dressing fun. For me fashion is a game and also an artistic creation. I love to customize clothes … create something new from something that already exists . Five years ago , I met Virginia in India and we became close friends. It was a very beautiful trip during which we decided to start working together. But honestly, were not doing really creative things then.

Virginia: We began to do our own dresses and realized that what we like a lot is customize . Mix pieces of leather, lace, color fabrics…

How is the experience of work together ?

Virginia: Very good , each one has its style, but we work very well together. We have many things in common. We travel , we create … we enjoy what we do.

Vicky : We are very different and that’s why we match. Virginia is more crazy than me when designing ! (laughs ) but in the end the two go the same place.

Virginia : Yes , it is true , it is crazy  what happens with us. Sometimes we go for shopping and when we met, although we have been at different shops, we have seen the same things ! It is true that we feel very comfortable working together.

Ashalak is also the story of a name. How did it come to you?

Virginia: Yes , what name has an history. We had no ideas . In India, we decided to sponsor a girl and we agreed that her first name would be also the name of the brand . So we said : Imagine that her is Lakshmi, which is the most overused name  in India (is like being called Maria in Spain). At last her names were Asha (wich means Hope in India ) and, of course ¡Lakshmi!. So we put the two names together and came Ashalak .

Vicky : We wanted to give fashion a soul, to become more than a business.

What inspires you when creating ?

Vicky: My own body. What clothes make me feel, my mood, things that make me look gorgeous.

Do you think Ibiza has its own style ? How do you see the fashion world on the island?

Virgina : Undoubtedly , Ibiza has a very special way of living and it is reflected on fashion too.  The island has a power and an atmosphere that does not exist elsewhere. When the summer is over, we are many people who travel to different countries, looking for inspiration. Then when we came back, all becomes incredibly creative .

Vicky : I think the clothes reflect your personality. In most places I see  that everything is gray and black , but in Ibiza people feel more free to wear colors and create their own style. I believe that fashion is a reflection of what your are and how do you feel.

Ashalak’s Ibiza

A beach:

Virginia : Pou des Lleó

Vicky : S’Illot des Ranclí

A coffee at: 

Virginia : Can Gimó, in Sant Joan . I have recently discovered this place and has a very special charm .

Vicky : I like to take a chai in Sabores Naturales, also in Sant Joan .

A restaurant :

Virginia : Kokoro , a Japanese in Santa Eulalia .

Vicky : Vista Alegre in Sant Joan .

Shopping at :

Vicky : Cala Llenya flea market is my favorite one! And las Dalias, of course.

Virginia : I buy some basics in Ibiza shops, but where I really like to buy is at the Chatuchak market in Bangkok .

Sunset at :

Virginia : From la Torre del Pirata, seeing is Vedrà .

Vicky : From the field , anywhere.

Party at :

Virginia: The Cocoon after !

Vicky : Any private party in a country house .

See below some new designs by Ashalak:

Customized denim vest.

Denim outfit and fur vest.

Ashalak reversible vests are a must have.

Ethnic boots and boots deco.

You can purchase Ashalak collection at las Dalias hippy market and in some selected shops in Ibiza. Also in Peninsula  (Zaitegui in Bilbao and My Closet in Santiago). They are also starting to sell in the Netherlands and Italy.

by Judit Carcasona