7 medieval trends

We have been at Eivissa Medieval 2013 and today in our ‘7 deadly trends’  we are talking about  the most authentic, the most original and the hottest ideas to enjoy Ibiza in the Middle Ages. Have a nice weekend!

Handmade shawls. We love the shawls in silk, satin and cotton handmade by the payesas of Ibiza. A lovely souvenir and truly 100% made in Ibiza.

Flowers in the hair. Up to three stalls in the medieval fair. The girls love them.

Vegetable gold. Yes, it is true! Wer are talking about the golden color of a plant that is used to create jewelry and accessories. The golden grass, a plant species found only in Brazil. We loved this stall for the originality of its proposal.

Fes Pottery. Tables and ceramic sources made of Fes pottery are a must. It is very nice to watch the craftsman building piece by piece his creations.

Homemade patries of the nuns. The Ibiza nuns prepare delicious savory and sweet pastries.Be sure to taste them!

Eagles, owls and falcons. Children and adults love this exhibition. Bet you never saw an eagle flying so close to you!

A drink on the tents. The reconstruction of an Arab campment around the City Hall and Santa Llúcia baluarte, overlooking the sea, is one of the most charming enclaves of the fair. Come here to enjoy authentic medieval delicatessen such as roast suckling pig, or drink a mojito by night.

Check the program here.

by Judit Carcasona