7 deadly trends

A nudist beach, an amazin sunset spot, top purchase of the week, my favorite bracelets, a dinner under the stars in the Dalias … and much more! We present the 7 deadly trends, a selection of the best things we have lived, enjoyed, known and seen in recent days in Ibiza.

Kumharas. One of our favorite places for sunset (featured image). A restaurant and outdoors chill out chill out, set in a tower of defense in front of the sea and with a little hippy market within the same enclosure. We love the bohemian feel and atmosphere, very relaxed and cool. Do not miss the interesting stalls of clothing and accessories.

Aigües Blanques. One of the few nudist beaches in the island and one of our favorites. Surrounded by spectacular cliffs, with crystal clear waters which changing colors from green to shades of turquoise, depending on time of day and sunlight, and a very relaxed atmosphere.

Dinner in happy hippy, las Dalias. The night market of Dalias is a must go. Escape the heat and the crowds of Saturday  market and visit to this mythical place Monday or Tuesday night. We had dinner under the stars at their outdoor restaurant with Indian-inspired decor … colors, soft lighting, live music … need anything else?
Delicious wok noodles, squid and fresh tomatoes, seasoned with spices. A must: Products 100% natural.

Top purchase:  Violet tye-dye hot pants by Ibiza Love Story, at Sunset Ashram store, Cala Comte. 25 euros.

My favorite bracelets: The one of pompoms in diferents colors is bought at Histeric Complements: 15 euros.
Leather strips in blue and gold with flower charm are made on custom at las Dalias flea market and worth only 3 euros! Who said crisis? The peace symbol is by Bohemia Ibiza and was a present. Finally, turquoise and gold bracelet bought at Sant Antoni hippie market, 8 euros.

Feathers in the hair: One of the hottest trends of the summer in Ibiza. We saw this look on the streets and then discovered that you can get them in the Dalias. In the image, feathears by Emonk, look great with long hair.

Worldfashionblogs.com: As I’ve been telling, Trendy Ibiza is part of this network of bloggers from around the world. For this week we have selected one of the trends that we liked, printed flags. We love the shirt and the scarf.

by Judit Carcasona