Inside Ibiza Trendy’s closet

Good morning! It’s time to hide the winter clothes and get our closet ready for summer days. You know, this is Ibiza: the sun is shinning everyday and are reaching temperatures up to 25 Celsius degrees. So today we feature a summer oho chic outfit, very comfy and sexy.  And always in my head: a straw cowboy hat. The sun burns on the island!

Maxi dress by Free Love, available at Ibiza Trendy online shop, here.

Afghan green necklace from Mon Amour Ibiza,  Long necklace with yellow neon pompom and buddha Store from CCBC shop. Leather bracelet Mon Amour, available online here. 

Camel boots from Mango (last season) and feathers boots cover by Bárbara Pintado, available here.

Clutch in red suede, leather bracelet customized with Panama fabrics, cowboy hat by Maria Blu. All from Mon Amour Ibiza, here.

Mon Amour Ibiza, c/ Vicente Cuervo,6. Ibiza. Shop on line:

by Julia Fioravanti