The boho coat

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 girls! Time passes by so fast … Now we are focusing on new goals and projects for this 2017! We always have to stay active and with illusions. I would like to thank all the readers for the support that you offer us day by day, this makes it possible to keep working and offering a part of us, the fashion and trends of the island of Ibiza. Thank you!

Today it’s time for a winter look featuring a stunning handmade coat designed by Fioroni Collection and available at Ibiza Trendy online store. I combine it with a total black outfit from Amour Ibiza. I am also wearing an brown chocolate leather bag and a hat customised by Andrea Alloco, also from Amour Ibiza. The black leather boots with studs are from Mango, winter 2016-2017.

Ibiza Trendy winter look

Abrigo Fioroni Ibiza Trendy

You can purchase this handmade coat with wool fringes online now on soldes here.

Ibiza trendy look january

Bolso Hermes Amour Ibiza

Total look invierno ibiza Trendy

Outfit Ibiza Trendy


Detalles look Ibiza Trendy

details Ibiza Trendy and Amour Ibiza

Amour Ibiza, Calle Vicente Cuervo,6. Ibiza . +34-971199822

por Julia Fioravanti