Mick Jagger, rock’n’roll great grand father

Mick Jagger is to become a great grandfather for the first time. His daughter Jade’s eldest girl Assisi, 21, welcomes a baby into the world with her chef boyfriend Alex The family has confessed that the girl, who is habitually resident in Ibiza with her mother, husband and sister this, expecting a baby. In the featured image, Assisi, on the left, with her mother, Jade (Photo by Gtres).

Assisi has spent her childhood and youth in Ibiza, where she studied at the International School Morna, in Santa Gertrudis. The family lives in a rustic farmhouse in the north of the island, in the area of Sant Joan, although currently Assisi also spends long time in London. She told to Hello magazine that her grandfather is delighted with the news. “I guess it’s nice to be great-grandfather, but I do not think he likes the idea of growing old or being called old. For me he is Mick and I will not begin to tell him Grandpa “she said.