The trendiest TV lands in Ibiza, the renowned digital television, will open its new headquarters in Ibiza after reaching success in Barcelona and Mexico thanks to its digital television concept, especially designed for online media and based on creative content.

The project led by two girls from Ibiza will open its headquarters and a new office in Ibiza after creating this independent media in 2006, in Barcelona.

Tendencias Tv Ibiza

Francesca Tur and Cristina Marí from Tendencias TV.

This is a completely new media concept in our country and it has been working, since its inception, with prestigious brands such as Dior, Natura, Heineken, Santa Fixie, Reckitt Benckiser, Bershka, Zona Oz, or Fira de Barcelona, amongst others and it has filmed fashion, lifestyle, architecture, art or trends stories in over 20 countries around the world.

Tendencias TV Ariadne Artiles


Fashion show tendencias TV

Tendencias Tv in Ibiza

“We like to define ourselves as a content agency that feeds on anything that calls our attention within our daily lives”, say its founders, who emphasize the philosophy of this medium is to find creative proposals to share with their audience, amongst whom one finds: artists, restaurants, hotels or trendy people who make “interesting things”. “Essentially, we look for people and leading, real and inspiring projects from a close, authentic and unique perspective”, say both partners. That is the reason why these two young girls from Ibiza claim that: “[Coming] back to the island and opening our own office in our place of origin, which has always been characterized by its cosmopolitan character and for leading the introduction of new concepts and being a melting pot of great visionaries of all areas, is very important for us; both on a professional and a personal level”. Along these lines, they remember that they have already worked on the island before, when they brought to life their story on the restaurants La Paloma and Sublimotion. They conclude saying this project is about “doing what we like and what we do best but, in this case, from a new place; this time, from our ‘home’”.