Tamara Tejada, best Young Designer from the Balearic Islands

The Agroturismo sa Talaia de Sant Josep  hosted yesterday the 8th Contest of Young Designers of the Balearic Islands. Tamara Tejada, a young student aged 20, won the contest with a collection inspired by the gheisas: “Follow the path” (featured image). “I am so excited, I did not expect to win, as I had some troubles when I was preparing the show”, she said. Six young designers participated in the event.

The jury was made up by Laura Victoria Valencia, president of ANDE, the journalists Berta Collado and Clara Courel, the Ibiza fashion designer  Tony Bonet, the journalist Jesús Maria Montes-Fernández, the director of Sa Talaia Hotel, Purificación Ramon, the head of the Industry department, Marta Díaz, and the delegate of Education in Ibiza, Belén Torres. 

Tamara Tejada with the president of the Consell d’Eivissa, Vicent Serra, the conceler of Industry, Commerce and New Technologies,  Vicente Roig,  and the president of ANDE, Laura Victoria Valencia.

Fatima Lladó

She introduced the collection “Broken Color” inspired by the famous catalan architect Antonio Gaudi. We saw on the catwalk a collection with volumes, garments, dresses with a mosaic effect, bright  colors and prints.


This firm is composed by three designers, who presented their collection “Fusion KI”, inspired by the four elements of astrology: water, air, fire, light and life.

Miquel Grau

He introduced ‘Fetish Chic’ collection, showing outfits made of fuse fabrics, silks, furs and fine materials. Designs for bold, elegant and sexy women.


Mira Azhami

Her collection “681” is inspired by the traditional Bulgarian dresses. Comfortable, functional, classic and with details such as embroidery and handmade trimmings.

Nagede Seguin

Her collection “Shamanism” is inspired by the mystery of the shamans. The dominant tone is black, playing with transparency effects and a touch of color in the accessories.

Tamara Tejada

The winner was the last designer on the catwalk. Her collection is inspired by the attitude and strength of the japanesse geishas.

The event attracted many spanish celebs: Elisabeth Reyes, Monica Pont, Berta Collado, Aurelio Manzano and Maria Patiño, among others.

María Patiño, Aurelio Manzano, Gemma López and Vicente Roig.

Berta Collado and Clara Courel were in the jury.

Fashion blogger Natalia Alvarez.

Top model Elisabeth Reyes and conceler of Industry, Vicente Roig.

Mónica Pont and Jesús María Montes Fernández.

Some famous bloggers such as Miranda Makaroff and Natalia Alvarez attended the show.

The journalist Maria Moya hosted the event.

by Julia Fioravanti