I wanna be a pin up girl!

Haver you ever dreamt of being a pin up girl? Bold, sexy, georgeus, fantastic…why not? Welcome to Ibiza Pin Ups, the company that can make your dream come true.  Today we interview Emma Salmon, the girl behind this fantastic adventure in Ibiza.

Emma Salmon posing for a photoshoot.

When was Ibiza Pin Ups born? How did the idea came to you? Ibiza Pin-Ups was born in June 2012 but I have been concocting the idea for a while now… I have loved pin-ups and vintage for quite a few years before, I did a photoshoot and have been addicted ever since!

It’s such a great feel-good experience, the ultimate confidence boost, outrageously fun getting dressed up in the cutest, sexiest costumes PLUS you end up with the most incredible photos of yourself that you can’t quite believe are real!

I think everyone deserves to feel great about themselves and I wanted to bring the opportunity of the pin-up transformation to all girls and boys in Ibiza so I added my Ibiza Pin-Ups twist to bring it here!

 Who are the people behind this company?  It’s me, and I am the Ringmistress! In other words, I run this crazy vintage circus of fun that we call Ibiza Pin-Ups!  I pretty much do everything (photography, styling, editing, designing, costume buying etc) but I also have a great promo team to help at our events and give the shoots the incredible unique vibe. Our superb bunch of hair & make-up artists make our pin-ups look picture perfect on the shoots and without all of these talented circus freaks, the show would not go on!

 It seems that you work a lot with hen parties. What is the most asked look?  Hen parties are great fun and we also do a lot of solo or couple shoots and even parent+child shoots too. The look that always gets people into the pin-up mood is when we pull out our sailor options. It suits everyone, still has a vintage feel and is very nautical but nice… and what better way to get into the summer beach vibe than hitting the deck, vintage style.

And what about men? Are they likely to dress up?  The men we have done shoots with have absolutely LOVED it!  They start off unsure or nervous but once they see a few photos, they realise how great they look and feel. The costumes we have for guys are classic and make them look classy, sexy and hot and we also use some great props to help a nervous model feel more at ease and get some great looking set-ups.

Who inspires you?  Positive people inspire me… people who have been through both bad and good times in their life but can still come out the other side with a smile on their face and an attitude to carry on and get the most out of life. Life is too short to be negative or to hate everything and you need to make the most of your time here so when I meet people who really live their life to the fullest, it motivates me to push myself harder and do more things than I would imagine I could ever do.

The most crazy outfit ever….We have done some very crazy but stylish fetish photoshoots with beautiful latex dresses, dominatrix outfits, whips, chains and LOTS of laughter but the craziest outfits usually come from my own wardrobe… I love dressing up and any chance I get, I will usually be in some kind of themed outfit!

Emma’s Ibiza

Fav beach: Cala Bassa for the beautiful clear, calm water.

Best coffe shop: Passion Cafe in Playa Den Bossa or Passion Restaurant in Marina Botofoch.  Incredible food and smoothies with a big focus on healthy, fresh food and a brilliant selection of vegan, raw and vegetarian options and great staff… perfection!

Restaurant: Bambuddha Grove & Aura both do great food but I also love trying out the new places that pop up each year

Sunset hotspot: Benirras. great vibe and great views

Shopping in: Sluiz. What a vibrant and exciting place to visit… even just to look around (although I always end up wanting to buy everything!). Full of life, great products, good quality items and well styled, I walk around that shop with a crazy smile on my face the whole time!

Going out: I love the Cocoon after-parties; they are always a ridiculous amount of fun!

Ibiza Pin-Ups; vintage pin-up makeovers and photoshoots

Emma Salmon