Let’s talk about blogging

Last Wednesday we had the pleasure to attend the meeting about Bloggers, organized by Fundación BIT at  Espai Hiperbole. I was delighted to discover this bookstore-café that has recently opened its doors in the city center, with a very cozy and friendly atmosphere. About 60 people involved in communication, advertising and marketing participated in this meeting, where were discussed topics at the blogs,  such as payment for posts, the online positioning and the importance of quality contents.

Espai Hibérbole Ibiza encuentro bloggers

Montse Monsalve, Director of Imam Comunicación said that “it is ethical” to earn money for posting in the blog and that, in fact, in the United States is the most common, unlike what happens in Spain. The medium average in our country would be about 200 euros per post, although always depend on the influence of the people who writes it.  The famous Spanish y it girl Paula Echevarria charges up to 1,500 euros for a tweet, while the numer 1 top blogger in the world, Italian Chiara Ferragni, invoices € 8 million a year. It doen’t sounds bad, does it? The truth is that the brands know very well that 49% of online purchases are made driven by forums and blogs. This is the strenght of the influencers.

Ponentes encuentro bloggers Ibiza

From left to right: Montse Monsalve, Virgil Brewster, Antonio Beneyto y Silvia Castillo.

Meanwhile Silvia Castillo, editor at www.ibiza5sentidos.com, explained that what gives meaning and relevance to a blog is to have original contents, and create an own style. That’s how you get to the first page of google. “Do not copy others, because somebody will always do it better than you. Be original” She explained, as an example, that their company rejects advertisers whose businesses don’t fit well with the philosofy of the blog. Thanks to blogging, she had great job offers, such as the popular Ibiza Guide by El País Aguilar.

Journalist Antonio Beneyto also emphasized the quality of information and the need to compare the sources, an insisted in that the online media should make an effort to have a minimum quality. And not repeat always what the others do.  He put as a example that abuse of terms such as “luxury Ibiza” on Google, that is even used by plumbing companies.

Virgil Brewster, co-director of The Workout Club Ibiza and Ibiza Inside , explained that the key is to establish a dialogue with the followers and offer a friendly and personalized service. This is the way to build an engagement with your followers. In his case, the blog is a good communication tool with the customers who join their popular grup trainnings on the beach. Virgil insisted on the simplicity and proximity as the way to connect with the people. “Just do it and do it simple”, he said.

After the speeches, we enjoyed a delicious wine tasting offered by VilaVins and were chatting with classmates in this new cozy café-book shop in town.Highly recommended!

Espai Hipérbole bar y librería en Ibiza

Espai Hipérbole librería cafetería en Ibiza