The many faces of Najwa

The actress and singer Najwa Nimri has been in Ibiza performing her latest album Donde rugen los volcanes, (featured image) with Raul Santos at Space club. Najwa also has been on the island recording a video for the song Somos un nuevo invitado. We were with the singer during the shooting and could talk about the island, work and fashion. “Ibiza is a good place to shoot, has a bright light and amazing waters”, she said. We love this woman with a thousand faces: versatile, chameleon-like and very creative.

This is his seventh album and that Najwa releases – plus two-movie soundtracks, some solo and others with Carlos Jean and Raúl Santos. She has also been nominated for the Goya adwards, two times as an actress – Los amantes del círculo polar and Lucía y el sexo, and two times for Best Song- Asfalto and Guerreros. She also has been designing a fashion collection. “My designs have much to do with my last record, fire and volcanoes” explains Najwa laughing.

Najwa knows Ibiza very well, as she has been visiting the island since she was a teenager. “Here I rest and enjoy doing nothing. If I could stay a month, after a week being here, I would begin every single day swimming in the sea”

Also a singer, songwriter and actress, Najwa has designed her own clothing collection as we see in the picture below: shirts, swimsuits and customized bombers. You can buy  it in her website

Najwa’s must have:

In your handbag: I never wear handbag. I always carry a mini-purse with lipstick and eyeliner.

Beauty moment: Freshly washed hair. As my grandfather used to say: “It gives feeling of being clean”.

A beach: Atlantis 15 years ago.

Shopping: Ganesha in la Marina and a jeweler’s in the Plaza de Vila up by the Portal de ses Taules

Basic in your wardrobe: Sporty shoes and silk shirts.

On the beach: Sunscreen and a towel.

A quirk: Rest in the beautiful Ibizan house of Carolina and Eduardo.

A secret: You will look good if you’re not too much suntanned.

by Julia Fioravanti