Ibiza Portoflio by Toni Riera, at Club Diairo

Today we invite you vistit a photo exhibition that you will love. Toni Riera, the official photographer of the nightclub Pacha Ibiza, exhibits his works at Club Diario de Ibiza. Over 70 photos in black and white and color that are like a journey through the recent history of the island through its most colorful inhabitants. Many of the images are full of eroticism and show people linked to the nightlife and clubing.

The exhibition also shows recent images that decorate the rooms of the Hotel, Destino Ibiza and Torre del Canónigo, as well as a recent report made with a group of Ibiza people who attended the Burning Man Festival in California.

Tony Riera is the author of many iconic images. Our favourite photo -a hippie with his kid- was taken in 1972 in Amsterdam. If you have you ever wondered who they are, we let you know that they are actor Sandy van der Linden and his daughter Radha, who 38 years after this picture being taken recognized herself in Pacha.

Ibiza Porfolio. Club Diario de Ibiza.

Opening hours: From 5.30 to 9 pm.

Avenida de la Paz s/n, 07800, Ibiza

Opened till 14 Agust.